The Winner Takes It All: An Argument For Equities

This week we’re sharing a blog post written by TEAM Executive Chairman Mark Clubb, on investment options and why he remains positive about equities. “I don’t wanna talkAbout things we’ve gone through.Though it’s hurting me,Now it’s history. I’ve played all my cardsAnd that’s what you’ve done too.Nothing more to say,No more ace to play. The […]

Price vs. Value

Thoughts from GemCap UK Chief Executive Stuart Alexander on price vs. value, and some of the misconceptions and miscommunications between Fund Managers and Investors. The old adage that we know the price of everything but we don’t know the value of anything is so true in the Funds industry. I have spent the last 35 […]

Asset Managers Find Digital Assets Irresistible

This week we’re sharing a blog post from GemCap UK Chairman Jonny Fry, on the bright future of digital assets and why they matter for asset managers. Venture Capital (VC) funds invested a record $8.8 billion into blockchain and Digital Assets in the first half of 2021, hitting an all-time high . One of the most […]